Zenith - Stay on Top

Zenith safe by Elsafe is the ideal electronic safe solution for hoteliers who want to maximize convenience for their guests and encourage use of the in-room safe. It provides superior design flexibility, allowing for placement inside drawers, cupboards…or anywhere in the room that it is most accessible and easy for guests to use.

Zenith safe by Elsafe requires minimal space, thus making it the obvious choice for hotels with limited room space. With a roomy interior that accommodates larger-sized laptop computers and tablets, Zenith is also ideal for business hotels. The top-opening door improves visibility of personal belongings inside the safe.

Zenith safe by Elsafe offers exclusive features, such as an anti-tamper security switch and RF-online upgradeability, making it the most advanced safe in its segment.


  • Modern slim design
  • Industry-leading audit trail
  • Audit trail with in-room print-out option
  • Flash-RAM memory
  • ADA compliant telephone-style keypad
  • 4-digit guest code
  • LED display for clear visible numbers
  • Backlit display
  • Push button to close door
  • Powered with 5 LR6/AA batteries
  • Easy external battery change
  • Hydraulic door opener
  • Laptop compatible up to 15”
  • Serviced by SafeLink or PinKey PLUS
  • Optional Anti-tamper labyrinth
  • Optional RF-online upgrade
  • 18mm solid steel bolt locking mechanism
  • Inside carpet
  • Security wire to prevent the safe from being removed