Signature RFID by VingCard hotel lock – Stay Ahead

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) unlocks today the future technology in electronic locking systems for hotels.
Signature RFID electronic locks by VingCard offers the latest Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology with the most flexible platform for future applications.

  • More Guest Satisfaction: Unmatched ease of use for guest of all ages. No need to insert the keycard, more intuitive.
  • More Security: Anti-cloning technology for all guest and staff cards. Mag-stripe keycards can be cloned. Signature RFID allows powerful anti-cloning solution.
  • More Adaptability: RFID carriers adapt to any hotel style: Business, Resort, Spa, All-inclusive....
  • More Selection: Provides access today to next generation technologies, including NFC-cell phone
  • And Less guess-work out of selecting the right technology standard for your RFID electronic lock. Signature RFID offers you 4 technology standards in 1 electronic lock: ISO 14.443 A (MIFARE), ISO 14.443 B, ISO 15.693 and NFC-compatible

RFID Specifications:
  • 113,56MHz technology
  • Compatible with the following standards:
      - ISO 14.443A (MIFARE)
      - ISO 14.443B
      - ISO 15.693
  • Compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC) standards

(Depending on the panel you choose, there may be limitations to your feature options).